Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

Purveyor Name: Village Fishmonger NYC

Location: New York City

Years in operation: Since September 2012

Who are you?
Village Fishmonger is a New York-based seafood startup that is building on the traditional neighborhood fishmonger concept with “boat-to-table” sourcing and a carefully curated seafood selection. Currently operating a Community Supported Fishery in NYC, Village Fishmonger plans to roll out brick and mortar and e-commerce channels as well. The company aims to promote local, sustainable seafood, while creating a fun and easy buying experience for consumers.

Production Practices
Village Fishmonger is looking to re-invent how people select, prepare, and eat fish. We want to spark interest in fish provenance and to help people become more aware of how purchasing sustainable, local fish is a better choice for them and for the planet.

What’s the story? 
Village Fishmonger’s promise to our customers is three-fold:

  1. Local Sources. Seafood brought in for you by Village Fishmonger will always be sourced locally. We only look to work with small boat fishermen from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut  and Rhode Island that fish in local waters. New York City is both historically — and at its heart — a coastal city, so by sourcing locally, it connects the city to its past traditions and to the rich marine ecosystems surrounding it.
  2. Responsible Harvesting. The fishermen we work with are fully invested in using responsible catch methods. Their families have been fishing the waters around New York for generations and contribute to the longevity of the fishing communities in the area. Those families, our families, and your families will all benefit by working together bringing responsibly harvested fish into NYC.
  3. Transparency. Seafood you get through Village Fishmonger will be labeled clearly with information about who we work with, where your fish is from, and why they’ve arrived in your kitchen.
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