Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

Credit that’s good for you, and your farmer


It’s true: Farmers tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to money. They have the hardest job on the planet but because they’re at the foundation (read, bottom) of the industrial food chain, they’re typically the last to get paid. Not only do they just make $0.11, on average, for every dollar of food you purchase, but they also wait weeks - sometimes, we hear, even months - to get paid for their work.

But seed needs to be planted! Land needs to be tilled! Farmers themselves need to be fed! What an abomination.

We at Plovgh have a mission to keep independent farms viable, and we accomplish it by making it possible for any farm to sell directly to its customers. Farms that sell their harvest through Plovgh set their own prices and get paid 24 hours after they deliver their crops to you.

We’re pleased to have found in Dwolla compatriots in the battle to take down all the giants that stand between a buyer and seller. Now, using Dwolla Credit on Plovgh, you can place an order from a farmer today, receive your harvest and get him paid tomorrow, and only part with your own cash at the end of the month. Check it out, for your own good and your farmer’s.

When you register on Plovgh, use the discount code GoDwolla to get $10 toward your first purchase from the farms!

25 10/13


Today is Food Day. Across the country people are organizing and sponsoring events that encourage Americans to eat Real Food. You can get involved simply by tweeting why you support Food Day or by hosting an event in your community.

We think one of the best ways to live out your Food Day commitment is by buying directly from farmers. Putting your food dollars towards the people that grow, raise, and produce food that is good for the land and good for you is one of the strongest statements you can make. Voting for change in policy and farm regulations is necessary, but today, the most immediate way you can make a difference in the food system is by buying directly from the farm, and supporting a shift away from industrial, non-transparent, processed food in favor of eating real.

When you register on Plovgh, use the FOODDAY discount code to get an extra $10 toward your next farmers market, CSA, or other direct-from-farm purchase.

24 10/13

A change for the better: Plovgh partners with Dwolla

There are two types of people in the world – those who wait for change to happen and those who make it happen. And as you might guess, we here at Plovgh aren’t in the business of waiting around.

We aren’t happy with the state of the food industry, and frankly, you shouldn’t be either: The sources are unknown, the producers are underpaid, and regenerative practices are too few. So we’re working hard to correct the system and shift how people approach their food.

However, we know that the food industry isn’t the only thing that’s broken.

We support people, groups, companies, and movements that take bold steps toward trying to change the way we act, think, and work. Which is why we’ve decided to partner with Dwolla, an online payment system that gets rid of credit cards and all the fees that go with them. By allowing people to move money directly from one account to another, the value of a dollar increases for both consumers and farmers.

We applaud Dwolla for fighting the status quo with a solid solution and we’re happy to announce that you can now pay for your orders on Plovgh with Dwolla, giving you a little extra saving and helping you support the people who are looking to change the world one interaction at a time.  

Now when you place an order, you see two prices – the standard price and the Dwolla price that benefits both you and the producer.

04 12/12