Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

With Plovgh, you discover which farms’ crops are in shops and markets near you. Learn about the farm’s agricultural practices, the quality of that particular harvest, and other details that you’ve never had before when it comes to direct trade crops. Get started at Plovgh!

25 11/13

Where you can find Plovgh producers

Here are some of the folks sourcing directly from producers who are organizing with Plovgh. To find out how your business can start purchasing from some of these farms, send us a message! image 4th Street Food Coop - NYC

image Brooklyn Kitchen - Williamsburg, NY
Byerly’s - Minneapolis, MN

Campbell Cheese & Grocery - Williamsburg, NY

image Chickpea & Olive- Brooklyn, NY

image Cleaver Co. - Chelsea, NY

image DigInn Seasonal Market - NYC

image Foragers City Grocer - DUMBO & Chelsea, NY

image Eat Greenpoint- NYC

image Garden of Eden - NYC

image Greene Grape Provisions - Fort Greene, NY

image Haven’s Kitchen- NYC

image Hu Kitchen - NYC

image J’eatjet? Gastrobar- Brooklyn, NY

image Lido Harlem - NYC

Lucy’s Whey - Carnegie Hill, NY

Lunds - Minneapolis, MN

image Miller’s Tavern- Brooklyn, NY

image M. Wells - Long Island City, NY
image Pie Corps - Greenpoint, NY

image Rose Water Restaurant - Park Slope, NY

image Seward Coop- Minneapolis, MN
Solera Cocina de Espana - Minneapolis, MN
image The Blue Stove- Brooklyn, NY

image The Dutch- NYC

image The Jam Stand - Brooklyn, NY

22 05/13

Meet the producers

21 05/13

Wool from the source

The warmth of wool moves from one to another through a careful, methodical practice.


A few of us went up North and visited a sheep farm to watch and capture the shearing process. It was such an interesting and inspiring morning – being able to see where wool fibers come from and what’s involved in gathering it up. I now have a deeper appreciate for the yarn that I work with and feel more connected to the craft. 


A photo essay by Emma Robertson for Kinfolk Vol. 6


25 02/13