Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

In recognition of the transition of seasons, we thought it would be appropriate to get hands on with some of the crops that we think best establish the beginning of spring on both the east coast and the west coast. Learn more about some old and new favorites now being harvested, and cast your vote on which you can’t wait to try.

Buddha’s Hand Citron, also known as bushukan, is a giant, fleshy, lemon-like citrus. It symbolizes happiness and long life in China, and appropriately so because I can see how it would proffer both of those attributes to anyone who eats it. It has a strong citrus nose but a subtle, earthy flavor and clear lemon finish. 

Great for: roasting (it comes out almost squash-like but with a refreshing lemon quality), lemon zest, vodka infusion, lemon candies, or this vinaigrette. I sliced it, put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 375, and put it on a slice of pumpernickel with mustard greens. Delightful.

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10 04/13