Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

Talkin’ Turkey

"With Thanksgiving fast approaching and stomachs growling for some homecookin’, we made a special trip upstate to talk turkey with Farmer Ryan of Fitzgerald Farms who provided Plovgh members with fresh birds this holiday season. 

After the two-and-a-half hour drive, we arrived at High Falls Co-Op where Ryan works four days a week when not tending to his poultry. He greeted us downstairs among the spices and shelves, and brought us out to his truck where the turkeys were kept cool.

“Turkeys are a big investment,” he told us as he loaded the plump birds into our car. While chickens typically need eight weeks to mature, turkeys require five and a half months. This holiday has been a long time coming for Ryan and his fellow farmers, and lucky for him, he sold over 500 turkeys this year.

Ryan grew up around chickens and is vehemently a poultry-over-produce kind of guy. “After seeing the work that went into growing vegetables, I thought it was too hard,” he confessed. Well, that’s alright with us – his fresh eggs and birds convince us that he made the right choice.

Once the coolers were filled to brim with turkeys, he wished us a “Happy Thanksgiving” and we were off for the city; Over the river and through the woods to bring you a fresh alternative this turkey day.”

21 11/12

Tradition doesn’t mean freezer aisle

We’re offering up a more lively tradition this Thanksgiving with turkeys from Fitzgerald Farms in Upstate New York.
The turkeys, plucked just two days before delivery, are farm raised in an open-air environment and sustain a diet of all-natural and hormone-free feed from Connecticut Feed Co-Op. By the time of harvest, the birds will weigh a plump 15 pounds and can feed 10 to 12 hungry guests.
The farm is taking turkey orders on Plovgh through Friday, November 16. 
The birds will be delivered on Tuesday, November 20 – just in time to start that extra slow roast. Pickups can be made between 5 and 8pm at either Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint or Plovgh HQ in East Williamsburg.

14 11/12