Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

13 05/14

With Plovgh, you discover which farms’ crops are in shops and markets near you. Learn about the farm’s agricultural practices, the quality of that particular harvest, and other details that you’ve never had before when it comes to direct trade crops. Get started at Plovgh!

25 11/13

Plovgh for Farmers


Why join Plovgh?

  1. Manage all your sales in one place. If you’re tired of taking 17 phone calls and figuring out which customer wants what, when, and where, then Plovgh’s streamlined order management process can get you back in the field. Plovgh lets you send product availability alerts, track orders in live sales, plan harvest, and coordinate delivery for all your customers.

  2. Benefit from a deep network of customers. It’s risky to depend on one or two key buyer relationships. Plovgh’s network puts your existing buyers alongside a whole new set of people who want to do direct trade with you, the farmer. If one guy can’t take your crop this week, we’re pretty sure someone else within Plovgh can.

  3. Tell the story of your farm and your product all the way to the consumer. Plovgh tracks your product from farm to destination, and gives everyone along the way insight into you and your product. That lets consumers vote with their dollar as they gain access to information that helps them purchase direct traded goods.

  4. Get paid quickly and consistently. Plovgh handles invoicing and ensures you get paid within three business days if you’re a premium farm member, and within 15 business days if you’re a basic farm member. See more on pricing here.

  5. Plan for current and future seasons. You want to produce what your customers want to purchase. With Plovgh, you can gauge demand in advance of purchasing seeds, hiring labor, and harvesting. We’re currently working on production and purchasing plans for 2014, so if you’d like to start lining up your relationships please get started here!

We hope you’ll join over 100 other farms selling directly to their customers within the Plovgh network. If you’re ready to get started, head to or get in touch with us directly!

21 11/13

Farm Memberships


Farms have seen up to $1,350 in a single transaction on Plovgh. As a Plovgh farm member, you can expect to plan for your season, connect with buyers, streamline customer orders, and get fast payment for your crops all in one place. Click here to register your farm!

Basic farm membership
Free membership

  1. Transaction fee: 10%
  2. Payment: 15 business days from delivery date
  3. Automated availability lists for current and prospective buyers
  4. On-the-spot sales available
  5. Invoice management
  6. Full traceability of product

Cooperative farm membership
$50/year when you join with at least five other producers

  1. Transaction fee: 3%
  2. Payment: 3 business days from delivery date
  3. Automated AND personalized availability lists for current and prospective buyers
  4. Forward contracts, standing orders, and on-the-spot sales available
  5. Invoice management
  6. Full traceability of product
  7. Introductions to and product requests from new buyers
  8. Access to transportation and distribution solutions that include direct store delivery, third party logistics, and shipping options
  9. Demand insights for optimal production planning
  10. Discounts on seed, feed, and other input purchases

Independent farm membership
$250/year when you join as an individual producers

  1. Transaction fee: 3%
  2. Payment: 3 business days from delivery date
  3. Automated AND personalized availability lists for current and prospective buyers
  4. Forward contracts, standing orders, and on-the-spot sales available
  5. Invoice management
  6. Full traceability of product
  7. Dedicated exchanges for you and your customers
  8. Introductions to and product requests from new buyers
  9. Access to transportation and distribution solutions that include direct store delivery, third party logistics, and shipping options
  10. Demand insights for optimal production planning
  11. Discounts on seed, feed, and other input purchases

Register your farm now, or learn more about which membership would be best suited for your farm by dropping us a line.

13 11/13

Transporter Spotlight: Clancy’s Transportation Solutions

Ah, the food system. It’s a mess, huh? Seems like farms, trucking companies, commodity brokers, even retailers that get to gargantuan scale really muck things up for everyone else. That’s why we’re excited to bring small businesses like Matthew Clancy’s into the Plovgh network. Have a look at this local transporter who got your crops into your neighborhood this week.

Transporter’s name: Matthew J. Clancy, Clancy’s Transportation Solutions

Homebase: Rotterdam Junction, New York

Years in operation: We are a newly formed business.

What do you drive? 2010 Chevrolet Express van.

What do you do? We offer the best solution to people and businesses that need something moved across town or across country. We provide our clients with a low cost alternative to the big name companies (emphasis added) with the care only a family owned small business can offer!

Why did you start this business? What’s unique or compelling about how you operate? I started this business to find a more fulfilling way to provide for my family’s quality of life. After years of working for the State of New York as a manager, the time spent away from my wife and children coupled with the fact that I felt uninspired by my work led me to leave it behind in order to focus on making Clancy’s Transportation Solutions (CTS) a success. CTS is a family owned and operated small business aimed at helping our local community and beyond. We are focused on providing custom transportation solutions to our clients that result in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Welcome, Matthew! The maiden voyage was a success and we look forward to many more.

19 04/13

In recognition of the transition of seasons, we thought it would be appropriate to get hands on with some of the crops that we think best establish the beginning of spring on both the east coast and the west coast. Learn more about some old and new favorites now being harvested, and cast your vote on which you can’t wait to try.

Buddha’s Hand Citron, also known as bushukan, is a giant, fleshy, lemon-like citrus. It symbolizes happiness and long life in China, and appropriately so because I can see how it would proffer both of those attributes to anyone who eats it. It has a strong citrus nose but a subtle, earthy flavor and clear lemon finish. 

Great for: roasting (it comes out almost squash-like but with a refreshing lemon quality), lemon zest, vodka infusion, lemon candies, or this vinaigrette. I sliced it, put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 375, and put it on a slice of pumpernickel with mustard greens. Delightful.

Request a sample from a Plovgh farm.

10 04/13

Transporter Spotlight: Mark Jaffe of The Fresh Connection

We’d like to extend a hearty welcome to Mark, who drives his first Plovgh route today, connecting farms’ harvest with New York City. We met Mark through Slow Food NYC and we’re excited to fuel the movement of harvest from source to city. 


Transporter’s name: Mark Jaffe, The Fresh Connection

Homebase: New York City

Years in operation: 1

What do you do? The Fresh Connection is an NYC-based company that provides transportation and logistics services for food producers who are independent, artisanal, and environmentally and economically sustainable. 

Why did you start this business? What’s unique or compelling about how you operate? Through talking to people and through my own previous experience in the local and sustainable food world I saw that the groundwork has been laid in New York City for a strong local food system with many small- to mid-size farmers producing high quality product and customers eager to receive these goods. There are also many groups and individuals working to build networks for the local food system. However, these networks often do not fully address the needs and challenges of actually transporting product from Point A to Point B (emphasis added). I started The Fresh Connection with the aim of creating an efficient model for product delivery in and around NYC and providing the local food system with an affordable transportation and delivery service.

The Fresh Connection is unique in that we combine practical knowledge of the food distribution industry and the logistics surrounding it with an ideological belief that we must create a food system that supports independent producers whose products are environmentally and economically sustainable, with an emphasis on locally produced goods. We offer a flexible model and are not looking to simply replicate the traditional distributor model but to help in creating a new distribution system that addresses the needs of a local and sustainable food system.

Say hello to Mark when you see him along his route. This kind of collaboration is the beginning of the change we want to see. To get your farm on one of the Plovgh routes, or to order from the farms on Plovgh, get in touch here!

04 04/13

Producer Profile: Stone & Thistle Farm

Location: East Meredith, NY 

Years in operation: 20 years

What’s your story?
Twenty two years ago we bought the farm as a weekend get away and two years later moved to the farm full time. We started farming to feed our family and then eventually we began feeding our community with healthy meats, eggs and goat dairy products. We expanded by adding Kortright Creek Creamery to produce organic goat milk, yogurt. Fable (=farm+table) our on farm restaurant, the bed & breakfast and farm stay was added five years ago as another avenue for feeding and educating our community with and about good food and healthy farming practices. During the summer the farm hosts farm events, workshops and tours.
What are your production practices?
The farm is 100% non certified organic. We rotationally graze on over 400 acres of pasture and woodlands. The cattle, goats and sheep are 100% grass fed and the pigs, poultry and rabbits are pasture raised and fed local grains.
23 01/13

Tradition doesn’t mean freezer aisle

We’re offering up a more lively tradition this Thanksgiving with turkeys from Fitzgerald Farms in Upstate New York.
The turkeys, plucked just two days before delivery, are farm raised in an open-air environment and sustain a diet of all-natural and hormone-free feed from Connecticut Feed Co-Op. By the time of harvest, the birds will weigh a plump 15 pounds and can feed 10 to 12 hungry guests.
The farm is taking turkey orders on Plovgh through Friday, November 16. 
The birds will be delivered on Tuesday, November 20 – just in time to start that extra slow roast. Pickups can be made between 5 and 8pm at either Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint or Plovgh HQ in East Williamsburg.

14 11/12

Currently Seeking: Operations Intern

Got a mind for operations? Like the idea of reconfiguring the flow of goods from producers to consumers? Have an opinion about the term “supply chain”? If so, send an email describing your qualifications to

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