Plovgh is a cooperative of farmers, growers, and ranchers that sell directly to their customers.

Meet an Organizer

Name: Ali

Occupation: Student

Plovgh Pickup Point: The New School Campus, West Village

1. Could you describe a formative experience in your life that shaped your views of farms and food?
My view on farms and food has to really be explained as a gradual learning process that is constantly growing: courses I have taken at the New School dealing with sustainability, documentaries I have seen such as Food Inc. In general, I have become increasingly aware of what I eat, making small adjustments at a time, for instance only eating organic, free-range chicken. 

2.  What motivated you to start a Plovgh Pickup Point in your neighborhood?
I received an email from my advisor, a Health Educator at The New School. She forwarded an email sent to a food professor. I emailed Plovgh and heard a response from Mallory. Soon after we met and within a semester’s time we organized a Plovgh pick-up at the University.  Within the University’s sustainable commitments, connecting to local produce is an important initiative worth implementing. Plovgh is an organization that will help students, staff, and faculty be able to pick up produce from local farms for extremely affordable prices. The first pick-up was very successful.

3. How does being a Plovgh Organizer relate to your work and interests?
Being a Plovgh Organizer relates to almost everything I do at the university and in my own personal life. At the university I work with the Office of Sustainable Facilities and Management as the President of Sustainable Cities, a graduate student organization. Members of our group are Green Fund recipients working on an energy competition within one of the residence halls. I am a team member of the Solar Decathlon at Milano, a resident advisor of the Green Floor, a compost advocate, and a Health Promotion Specialist focusing on the relationship between well-being and environmental sustainability. 
Tuesday, 3 - 01 - 2012

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